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Basic Information
If there is a will there is somebody that is not going to do it.


Blood Elf










Lawful Good

Adaelus Baneheart was a Farstrider in the armed forces of Quel'Thalas. His deeds were for the Kingdom and he was always one to follows the orders of the Convocate-General. Often times his counsel was sought after due to his insight on the outside world.

Basic InformationEdit

Adaelus Baneheart is the son of a Baron in the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas. He grew up during the troll wars and saw the destruction of his homeland firsthand in his time as a Farstrider. After the allegiance with the Horde, he took command under Sargeoff Faol (then Convocate-General of the Legion, the Kingdoms armed forces) as leader of the Farstriders only to take leave of his command in order to operate as a liaison on Draenor under Convocate-General Aramalia Solisbane. He returned from his duties on Draenor and has since gone missing. He was last scene a few weeks before the Feast of Winter Veil, a year after the incursion into Northrend (2009).

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