Basic Information
Aquanus walks in peace, yet readies for combat.




Around 5000

Age Equivalence

~30-40 (Human)




211 lbs




Chaotic Good



Guild Affiliation

Order of the Nightsabre

Description Edit

The druid facing you blinks slowly. His leather garb is well made, and elegantly deadly. With a soft whoomph, a spiral of feathers veils him from sight, and where he stood is a moonkin, antlered form towering over most races. A loud "HOnk!" emerges, and the feathered spellcaster stalks away.

Aquanus is one of the Cenarion Masters of the Order of the Nightsabre, dedicated to the destruction of the Horde, the safeguarding of Kal'dorei lands, and the elimination of all external threats. In his long life he has done many things, among which, he saved the gnome who now calls herself Polybot. Steadfast and determined, Aquanus spends countless hours expertly working out tactics to defeat the Horde whose unending aggression so irritates him. He tends to be successful in his efforts, with thousands of kills to his name.

Romatically, Aquanus has been linked to few, though he has been known to smile faintly at dryads. Aurorana, a shy priestess, has been quietly walking with him for some time, but the pair seem uninterested in letting the rest of the world know whether they're just friends or more.

In point of fact, he'd likely rather be fishing.

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