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Exact unknown, ~1000






Lawful Good

Deiena Oakhewn is the quintessential "Stranger in a Strange Land".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Silver-white hair, kept in a rough pixie cut. Her skin is pinker than most of her compatriots', due to more time spent in the sun.


Little is known of Deiena's history at the moment. She was born at some point, presumably. She worked as a builder for most of her life on the eastern coast of Kalimdor. She fell in love with a druid- mentioned in her diary only as "K"- at some point before losing him to the Emerald Dream.

Current ActivitiesEdit

She is currently in Stormwind, which is quite an adventure. She is a woodworker, and can usually be found picking up the slack of the ship-building at the Stormwind Docks.


  • She speaks little Common, and even her Darnassian is a bit incorrect.
  • Deiena's theme song is Englishman in New York by Sting.

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