Little Héra

Full Name ::

Héra Ahmalia Ravnok

Class ::

Mage (Arcane)

Physical Age ::


Family ::

Erudan (adoptive father, deceased)
Divya (mother, deceased)
Daiam (sister, missing)
Nikolai (brother)
Cael & Bane (twin brothers, deceased)
Cormac Everpine (father, unknown)

Current Residence ::

Silvermoon (weekends)

Played Teachers ::

Jakobus Nachtengaal (Psychology/Medicine)

Héra Ahmalia Ravnok is a young magess from Dalaran, who is most known for her bubbly nature and natural beauty. She's a student to Jakobus Nachtengaal, a scholar and doctor. She is the younger sister to the famed hermit herbologist, Nikolai Ravnok.


Dalaran, family, home life.

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Appearance, beliefs, other talents.

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