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Quake is a druid of the Cenarion Expedition. His weathered hide has greyed with the years, but this Tauren still remains active in the field. Day in and day out, he works to heal the land and purge the infection of the Scourge from the soil of the earth.


For the past two decades Quake has been working alone, spending years at a time without the contact of his kin. Though he insists that the time alone has only put him more in touch with the Earthmother, the effects of his solitude are becoming apparent to those who encounter him. He's developed a few eccentric quirks that have put others at risk more than once.

These days Quake spends as much time in his druidic forms as he does in his native skin.


Tauren - Quake is a tauren of average stature. He's put on a bit of paunch, and the once-fine armor of his youth doesn't fit as well as it used to. His hide has greyed with the years and lost much of its shine, but it is still coarse and tough. His beard has grown ragged and unkempt, twigs and bits of debris interspersed throughout its length. His left hoof is cracked and there's something not quite right about the leg. Quake walks with a subtle limp.

Dire Bear - A massive brown bear with a greying snout. His hide is crisscrossed by dozens of scars, more prominate in this form than the barely discernable lines of Quake's tauren hide, as this was the form that they were received in. All of the wounds are clean and appear to have been mended with great care. His left hind leg is twisted at an unnatural angle. The bear's eyes are bright and alert, the mind behind them very aware of all that happens around it.

lolcat - A lion with a ragged, greying mane and a gaping mouth that seems to eternally smile. The lion's eyes hold no intelligence, and the beast seems to smell distinctly of cheeseburger.


I do not pretend to understand the ways of elves.

One must wonder if the world will rally in time to stop its destruction.

i can has cheezeburger?

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