Hello my name is Ricken

I can hear your hear tickin'

I will give you a lickin'

Keep that bean flickin'

The very best you are pickin'

Prepare for a dickin'

With pleasure you'll be crickin'

Nothing is going to quickin'

Moishe Goldstein Liberates Silvermoon City Edit

Ricken stroked his goatee as he looked at the innumerable hordes of demons swarming the Sin'dorei capital city. He turned to his comrade Nikolai Tesla, saying "I have not seen such force since Grima." Dr. Tesla did not respond with words, but with action. He activated his power armor and plunged himself into the wall of demons. He used his flail to splatter the walls of the magical city with their fel innards. Menstruate Man, formerly the Plegian Henry, augmented their assault by blasting the Burning Legion's forces with pulses of menstrual blood from his crotch. "Yeah! Blood!" He gleefully yelled as his bodily fluids tore the demons to shreds. However, the force was much too great for the three of them. But then, suddenly, Moishe Goldstein, the mad scientist, appeared on the horizon beyond Silvermoon! His army of obese strong independent white women devoured the Legion's armies, which made DeviantArt very happy, with the should be mental patients diddling their doodles. Moishe was honored as the city's liberator and was made proconsul of Silvermoon City.

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