The Rising Sun Lounge
The sitting room adjacent to the jewelcrafting area.






Thursdays, 6:30pm server time


Silvermoon, Royal Exchange

Current proprietor

Lyraelia Bel'aedani

Former proprietors

Atama Pyra Luciros, Lieben Faol, Temius Locket

The Rising Sun Lounge is a recurring player-run tavern located in Silvermoon's Royal Exchange district. It was founded over two years ago through the combined ideas and efforts of Adaelus Baneheart, Atama Luciros, and Sargeoff Faol, and has enjoyed a number of weekly runs and proprietors since then. Though the atmosphere varies based on the current host, the aim of the Rising Sun is always to provide a meeting spot for conversation and relaxation. Drinks are provided for patrons by servers, and all members of the Horde are welcome to attend.


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