Basic Information
Living too long and seeing too much can shatter a mind.




well over 14,000 years

Age Equivalence

~45 (Human)




178 lbs




Neutral Evil



Guild Affiliation

Order of the Nightsabre

History Edit

The elf regarding you is taller than a Sin'dorei, but slightly shorter than a Kal'dorei. Her single eye is frigid with hateful ice, and her expression displays a combination of disgust and disturbing scientific interest.

Ta'Srith no longer recalls her birthname, or if she did, she has not used it in the majority of her lengthy life. Middle aged for a Kal'dorei prior to the Sundering, Ta'Srith belonged to a group of enigmatic and shadowy assistants to the most skilled of the Highborne. The Srith were quite literally walking mana batteries, capable of seeing the most minute alterations of a being's life energy as a font of pure arcane power to tap, drain, and control. Ta'Srith's masters and bonded mages preferred the energies of pain, and thus, their Srith became adept in extracting agony from any victim she could see and use, and if none sufficed, her own flesh if the magical working demanded such a sacrifice. In the long millenia since the death of her aged masters, and the effective obsolescence of her strange kind with the rise of demonic magics among the Highborne under Queen Aszhara, Ta'Srith was left to her own devices. She did not seek to join the other Highborne in exile for reasons of her own, perhaps due to her inferior status as one born of Kal'dorei, not Highborne blood, and instead, sought to mask her magic addiction by pretending to become a typical Sentinel, and assuming the name 'Snowsinger'.

Over the intervening years, without any to steadily drain the mana she habitually gathered and stored, Ta'Srith herself began to experiment, trying the spells her dead masters had so often cast, and altering shape, size, stature, and her environment. Her sadistic taste for the pain of victims never flagged, though her detached and scientific mentality ensured that every victim ostensibly served some purpose in their torment and inevitable death. Today, thanks to the outing of her true nature by Cenarion operatives including Cenarion Mistress Navires of the Order of the Nightsabres, Ta'Srith reluctantly serves the Kal'dorei nation she privately detests, and limits her victims to Sin'dorei blood, for whatever mysterious testings and experiments she requires them for.

Eberict Silverleaf Edit

There is some strange and curious link between the reclusive Sin'Dorei warlock and the equally reclusive Srith; what their connection is remains to be explored or known to any but the pair. It seems possible that Eberict's hunt for hidden knowledge may have given him some key into the true nature of the apparently Kal'dorei mage he met one day in Quel'Danas.

Ta'Srith Sightings Edit